1. 1950 Tomahawk Togs-Rare cream white color Photo

Early two pocket style with side lace Photo

Satin lined with flannel pocket trim Photo

Extended waistband with square spot work Photo
Rare Buco white kidney belt Photo

Spot work and jewell studs Photo


2. 1930ís Horsehide with lamb panels-"Grizzly" Photo

Plaid wool lining & Talon zipper Photo
Self belted waist with nickel plated buckle Photo


3. 1930ís brown/Custom made at Peters San Francisco Photo

Label Photo
Back design with gusset & pleats, waist adjust rings Photo


4. 1930ís Monarch/Brown colt hide Photo

Label Photo
Three pocket design Photo
Adjust buckles at waist & cuff Photo


5. 1940ís Miller/Brown Horsehide Photo

Label Photo
Four pocket style Photo
Action back with waist adjust buckles Photo


6. 1950 Brown horsehide/Leather Garment Co. S.F. California Photo

Three pocket style with zip map pocket Photo


7. 1930ís/40ís Ladies pistol pocket style Photo

Zip and pocket on opposite side of mans model Photo
Action back with built-in belt Photo


8. 1930ís/40ís Horsehide with knit collar & cuffs/waist Photo

Old style label & flannel lining Photo
Talon main zip/ball chain chest pocket zip Photo


9. 1940/50 Hercules with pistol pocket & slash zip pocket Photo

Green plaid wool lining Photo
Patch cigarette pocket & eyelet reinforced belt loops Photo
Western yoke back style with spot work Photo


10. 1940ís Horsehide/Pistol pocket only/Black Photo

Red plaid wool lining/old style tag Photo
Pocket on one side only/eyelet rivet belt loop Photo
Self belted back Photo


11. 1950ís Hercules/Sears black & white steerhidePhoto

Hercules tag with red satin lining Photo
Contrasting pocket trim/Diamond Conmar zipper Photo
Belted waist with spot work decoration Photo
Action back with contrasting panels Photo


12. 1940ís California Sportswear Co./Cowhide Photo

Old tag with pink mountains Photo
Brass spot work at pockets Photo
Action back with extended tail Photo


13. 1950ís Wards/Windward/Black steerhide Photo

Windward label/satin lining Photo
Zip map pocket Photo
Elasticized waistband at back Photo


14. 1940ís Grais/Light brown double breasted/Coat style Photo

Old Grais label-Herring bone cotton lining Photo
Non zip map pocket Photo
Self belted action back with side adjust buckles Photo


15. 1950ís Edgo/Black horsehide Photo

Edgo-Lawrence Mass. Label/horsehide tag Photo
Diamond pull Conmar pocket zips Photo


16. 1930ís/40ís Brown coat style Photo

Admiral Byrd tag Photo
Four pocket mode lPhoto
Self belted back with side adjust buckles Photo


17. 1950ís Horsehide/Rich-Sher Photo

Rich-Sher label/Horsehide tag/wool lined neck Photo
Brass spots on epaulets Photo


18. 1960 Polaris/ Needlecraft tailoring/Steerhide Photo

Label with rocket/red satin lining Photo


19. 1950ís Police/Buco PJ-27 style Photo

Ralph Edwards Co. label Photo
Badge mount on pocket flap Photo
Interior pocket/belt supports Photo


20. 1940ís Horsehide/Double style Photo

Old style tag/wool blanket lining Photo
Double snap epaulets Photo
Diamond Talon zippers/snap belt Photo


21. 1950 Buco J-22 with pistol pocket design Photo

2nd tag & plaid wool lining/no fur collar snaps Photo
Patch cigarette pocket Photo


22. 1950ís/60ís Sears Oakbrook Sportswear/Steerhide Photo

Early Oakbrook label/red nylon lining Photo
Patch cigarette pocket/pistol pocket/Diamond talon zip Photo
Spot work on waist band/action back Photo


23. 1950ís Steerhide/Durable Co.Photo

Steerhead Durable Co. label/red satin lined Photo


24. 1960 Schott Perfecto/Black steerhide Photo

Steer hide-Perfecto label/sheep lined Photo
Zip map Photo


25. 1950ís California Hiway Patrol style/Horsehide Photo

Well Made Jackets Of California label Photo
Diamond Talon Zippers Photo
Extended back Photo


26. 1950 Buco/Black horsehide with mouton collar Photo

2nd style label & wool plaid lining Photo
Four pocket model with Diamond Talon zippers Photo
Zipper hand warmer/storage pocket on back Photo


27. 1950ís Langlitz Leathers/Womanís Set/Mouton collar Photo

Old style label/used 1956-84 Photo
Frisbie of Portland belt Photo
Pants label Photo


28. 1950ís Penneyís Black steerhide/2 star Photo

Old style label/black satin lining with white stitch Photo
Spot work on belt Photo


29. 1960ís Black/Coat style/Harley "Townsman" style Photo

Map pocket with teardrop Talon zipper Photo
Four pocket style Photo


30. 1950ís Sears/Boyville/Horsehide Photo

Boyville & Horsehide labels/red satin lining Photo
Zip map pocket/slash lower pockets Photo
Spot work on belt Photo
Spot work on back/knit cuffs Photo


31. 1950ís Blatt/Horsehide Photo

Blatt horse label/wool lining Photo
Action back with zip storage pocket Photo


32. 1950 Perfecto horsehide/Aviator type Photo

Old label/satin lining Photo
Ball chain zipper on chest pocket Photo
Knit cuffs/waistband Photo


33. 1955 Daniel Boone/Penneyís-Devils Disciple Photo

Daniel Boone label Photo
Original Penneyís label under Dan. Boone label Photo
Pocket pull collection Photo
Devils Disciple painting/Covered over when originally found! Photo


34. 1950 Police jacket/Rare brown color Photo

Badge holder/2 zip pockets Photo
Action back with lace adjust sides Photo
Amazing patina! Photo


35. 1950ís Harley double style Photo

Large black old style label (now missing)/Nylon lining Photo
Factory spot work at pockets Photo


36. 1950ís Harley Davidson "Cycle Queen" Photo

Old label & gold satin lining Photo


37. 1950ís Harley Davidson menís double style/Cap & belt Photo

Old large black label/satin lining Photo
Factory spot work on epaulets & pockets/Diamond Conmar zippers-Harley Belt & cap. Photo


38. 1950 Horsehide Harley Davidson "Sportster" racing style Photo

"Mandarin" collar/old large black label Photo
Single pocket design Photo


39. 1960ís-70ís AMF Harley Davidson "Sportster" racing style Photo

Early style AMF tag-sewn all around Photo
Large Talon main zipper pull/Teardrop pocket pull Photo
Two piece back construction-lower belt band Photo


40. 1960 Harley Davidson "Cycle Queen" Photo

Old style label/black nylon lining Photo
Factory spot work at pockets & epaulets Photo
Large Talon zipper Photo


41. 1950ís Harley Davidson Steerhide/Menís Photo

Old large black tag Photo
Conmatic zipper Photo
Single pocket on chest Photo
Action back/elasticized waist at side/cuff Photo


42. 1960ís Harley Davidson double/Menís Photo

Pre AMF tag Photo
Large aluminum Talon zipper Photo


43. 1950ís Hercules/Sears with pistol pocket Photo

Red nylon lining Photo
Pistol pocket with patch cigarette pocket Photo
Action back with spot work Photo


44. 1960ís Brooks Leather Sportswear/Double style Photo

Early style label Photo
Large Talon zipper Photo
Logo on snaps Photo


45. 1950ís Buco J-100 Photo

Blue/gold steerhide label Photo
Logo on snap Photo
Non-action back design Photo


46. 1950ís Grais/Double style Photo

Horsehide label/red satin lining Photo
Factory spot work on epaulets Photo
Back cargo/hand warmer pocket with zipper Photo
Wool lining at waistband Photo


47. 1930ís "Grizzly" style parade jacket Photo

Tutone mouton fur/wool trim-sleeves Photo
Vintage Talon zipper Photo
Adjustment buckles at waist Photo


48. 1940ís Police/Lake OíWoods/"Pony Horse" Photo

Labels & gray wool lining Photo
Talon zipper/badge holder for screw back badge Photo
Belt loop waistband with elastic Photo


49. 1960/70 Taubers of California #150 lace front shirt Photo

60ís label Photo
Lace front/Talon teardrop zipper Photo
Yoke back construction Photo
Zippers at sleeves & sides Photo


50. 1960/70 Taubers/Double style-Model #100 Photo

60ís label Photo
Three pocket style/large brass Talon zipper Photo
Belt loops & lace adjust sides Photo


51. 1950ís Police jacket/Horsehide Photo

Old label/cotton plaid lining Photo
Lightning zipper/jacket possibly from Canada Photo
Styling similar to early Harley "Cycle Champ" Photo
Unusual snap & zip cuff Photo


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