1930’s Lee Label-called "housemark" because of roof shape in design. Also, the e "eyes" are "looking up".

Mid 1930’s Lee jacket label. Found on early Lee cowboy jacket.

1936 Label designating "Union made", "Sanforized shrunk". As with other pre-war Lee the "e eyes look up"

Early 1940’s label has eliminated "shrunk" in logo.

1st Post WWII label found in Lees new two pocket jacket known as "101J". 1946

1953- Label has "Union made" at top, "Design patented" etc. in gold letters.

1956- Size & "101J" in gold letters.

1957- 1st interconnected Lee logo as appears on leather tag at waist. "Branding iron style" last Lee tag to butt against collar seam when sewn in. From this point on they had a space between top of label & collar seam. This is important when dating a jacket with tag missing, the stitch "shadow" remains to verify.

1958- 1st jacket model 101J with space between label top & collar stitch.

1960- Short lived use of "ribbon" label. First appeared in the red/gold variant.

1962- 2nd Edition of ribbon label is gold/black/white.

1964- "Union made" at top – "Lee" with no "R" mark/no "Made in USA".

1965- "R" mark after "Lee" – "Made in USA".

1969- 1st label with no "Union made" logo. "R" mark after "Lee".

1970- 1st label with "R" & "M.R." mark after "Lee".

1971- Yellow/gold color to lettering.

Color comparison of lettering

1971- 1st Lee 220 (changed from 101J) model label.




Mid 70’s label. No "Union made" mark.

Late 1970’s label, found on two-pocket model.

1980- "220" label found on two pocket model.