Rectangular tag has script Wrangler (obliterated on this tag) with stylized"W"used only on this model (see inset for example).


1. Adjustment belt at each side secured with metal rivet.
2. Elastic webbing at "action back" shoulder area.
3. Bronze collar button with logo.
4. Double pleated front with dot tacs.
5. Reinforcing rivet at sleeve opening.
6. Pocket flap seam parallel to dot tac (bottom of "W" is also parallel).
7. Action back gusset
8. Pocket showing early/large "W" logo.
9. Snap closure.
10. Space between pocket top & yoke; was decreased on later models until flush with yoke.

Front & back of 11MJ 1949-50 model


11MJ 1950-55
Late model with smaller script on tag & lowered pockets. Here the dot tac parallels the center of the "W" on the pocket.

11MJ 1950-55
First model with large script on tag. Pocket "W" & flap line up with dot tacs the same as the 1949 model

88MJL 1952-55
Lined with cotton fleece, has early dot tac/pocket "W" configuration

88BJ 1952

a. Small script logo on label.
b. Bronze button without logo.
c. Snap pocket flap/non "W" trim.
d. Non "action back" design.